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Anavidin Complete

Anavidin Complete

Multiple-purpose complex disinfectant with cleaning and deodorizing effect

Composition: hexamethyleneguanidine water-soluble salts copolymer,

alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride, N, N-bis (3-aminopropyl)dodecylamine

functional additives including surfactants and perfume additives.

Efficacious against:

bacteria (including tuberculosis, hospital-acquired infections, intestinal and anaerobic infections)

viruses (all human pathogenic viruses known)

pathogenic fungi

bacterial spores

highly infectious diseases


- deodorizing and cleaning effect; 

- broad range of antimicrobial action;

 - safe for treated surfaces;

 - neutralizes unpleasant odors;

 - multiple use of working solutions (35 days);

- treated surfaces do not require rinsing;

- safe for people and animals;

- can be used in the presence of people and animals;

 - economical consumption (treatment of 1 sq. m. of surface costs as low as 1 kopeck);

- there are methods of express-testing the concentrations of working solutions.


disinfection and cleaning:

- surfaces, furniture, devices, appliances, equipment including anaesthesia-respiratory apparatus, anaesthetic equipment, incubators;

- labware and tableware, linen, patient-care items, cleaning utensils;

disinfection of hospital wastes including liquid wastes;

manual and mechanical disinfection and presterilizing cleaning incl. the combined process:

- full range of surgical and dental instruments;

- rigid and flexible endoscopes;

- various impressions, dentoprosthetic patterns, suction systems, dental hand pieces for machines and turbines;

sterilization of healthcare products;

high level disinfection of rigid and flexible endoscopes

overall cleaning; 

air disinfection;

mould fungi removal;


 - healthcare and daycare centers;

- municipal-domestic service facilities (hotels, bath-houses, saunas, hairdressing salons, etc.);

- commercial facilities, food service companies, food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries;

- transportation facilities;

- veterinary inspection facilities;

- everyday life.


1 litre bottles, 12 pc in a corrugated box

1.2 litre bottles, 8 pc in a corrugated box

0.75 litre bottles, 10 pc in a corrugated box

5 litre canisters


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