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Disinfecting wipes

Anavidin Exprof Disinfecting Wipes 

Skin sanitizers in a form of disinfecting wipes being more conventional in our everyday life:

Anavidin Exprof Wipes are evenly pre-saturated non-woven white wipes. Anavidin Exprof skin sanitizer is used for saturation.


- individual sachets
- a box with a Euro hang tab, 7 pc
- a pack of 15 to 50 pc
- a box of 160 pc

Efficacious against:

bacteria (including hospital-acquired infections, tuberculosis, intestinal infections)
viruses (all human pathogenic viruses known)
pathogenic fungi

- broad range of antimicrobial activity;
- hypoallergic
- harmless to children over 3 months
- alcohol-free
- easy to use
- sustained antimicrobial effect of no less than 5 hours.
- do not cause dry skin, irritations, or allergic reactions;
- perfume-, alcohol-, and dye-free;

- hygienic and surgical antiseptics;
- treatment of surgical and injection areas;
- treatment of donors' elbow bends;
- treatment of feet for fungus disease prevention;
- disinfection of rubber (latex) gloves on personnel's hands;
- treatment of small surfaces, devices, equipment, etc.
- cleaning and disinfection of small surfaces;
- everyday life.


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