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Express disinfection

Express Disinfection Anavidin Exprof

Ready-to-use alcohol-free formulation for express disinfection of surfaces and equipment

Composition: hexamethyleneguanidine water-soluble salts copolymer, quaternary ammonium compound mixture     

Efficacious against:

bacteria (including hospital-acquired infections, tuberculosis, intestinal infections)
viruses (all human pathogenic viruses known)
pathogenic fungi

- short time of exposure;
- does not require rinsing;
- leaves no trace on treated surfaces;
- safe to use;
- sustained antimicrobial effect of no less than 5 hours.                                                                                                                                               

disinfection of small indoor surfaces incl. those difficult to access;
disinfection of rubber (latex) gloves on personnel's hands
disinfection of pieces of furniture;
disinfection of equipment and devices including ultrasonic sensors, etc.
disinfection of patient-care items, trolleys, rubber and propylene mats, footwear.

Designed for:                                                                                                                                                                       
- healthcare and daycare centers;
- municipal-domestic service facilities (hotels, bath-houses, saunas, hairdressing salons, etc.);
- commercial facilities, food service companies, food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries;
- transportation facilities;
- veterinary inspection facilities;
- everyday life.
Package: 0.5 litre bottles, 20 pc in a corrugated box