Specialized Industrial Company IrIOCH Ltd was created in cooperation with Irkutsk Institute of Chemistry, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Eastern Siberian Scientific and Research Center, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in 1999 by a group of like-minded professional chemists.

For years, we have been optimizing an industrial technology of synthesizing new products using advanced techniques and proprietary know-how. All our products were approved by numerous expert reviews and were duly authorized by federal agencies.

Studies dated back to the Soviet Union served as the basis for development of the modern formulations. Back then, on request of the USSR Ministry of Defence, scientists from secret institutes of Biophysics (so-called “Post Office Boxes” or “boxes”) were involved in research of efficient and safe antiseptics to be used for disinfection of confined spaces (e.g. submarines, space stations, etc., i.e. spaces presenting difficulties for evacuation of people in case of contamination).

Specialized Industrial Company IrIOCH Ltd is one of the few in Russia engaged in production of next-generation active substances. The enterprise produces an active water-soluble polymer based on a patented technology. The product is known as Anavidin® in the market. Numerous studies of Anavidin’s properties found their way into a number of works by both scientists and practitioners in medicine, veterinary, and microbiology.

We specialize in development and production of professional disinfecting and antiseptic products used in medical facilities, food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industry, public catering, day-care centers, etc.

The product can be characterized as reliably efficient and safe for people and surfaces.

In addition, our innovation policy is focused on development of new complex formulations that can be used but not limited to veterinary, pharmaceutics, water treatment, and other applications using modern antiseptics.

Our production facility boasts of state-of-art high-tech equipment that ensures high productivity and enables fabrication of products with a variety of properties.

The quality of production is ensured by continuous multi-stage control of raw materials, operations, and end products.

As of today, Specialized Industrial Company IrIOCH Ltd is a close-knit team of like-minded professionals working for a safer world.